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What Happens if you Get a Dodgy Roadworthy Certificate in QLD?

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A dodgy Roadworthy Certificate (RWC), or a Safety Certificate, is a forged document that certifies a vehicle for sale as roadworthy even though it is not. Mechanics at some garages will make illegal deals with sellers to create a Safety Certificate for a vehicle that’s not roadworthy. So, what happens if you get a car […]

How to Check Tyre Wear: 5 Signs You Need New Tyres

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While it’s easy to forget, checking the condition of your vehicle’s tyres is essential, as poor tyre conditions can be hazardous. The easiest ways to check your tyre tread are to use the in-built indicator, the 20c coin trick, a visual inspection of the sidewalls, or a tyre depth indicator gauge. However, many people choose […]

Car Safety Certificate Inspections in QLD: What You Need to Know

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A Car Safety Certificate is a requirement to ensure that all vehicles operating on the roads are roadworthy. In Queensland, a Safety Certificate is an inspection of the car required to get a roadworthy tag. A roadworthy car must pass all the criteria listed. You need one if they want to transfer their registration to […]

Car Servicing Checklist: What’s Included in Australia?

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As car owners in Australia, we know we must take our cars to the mechanic for regular servicing. But it can be confusing to know which to get between major, minor and logbook services. Which begs the question, what is the difference between major, minor, and logbook services? Minor car services include simple checks like […]

24 Modern Car Safety Features & How They Work

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Car safety is a must when choosing a vehicle. However, different car models offer different types of car safety features, so it can take time to determine which ones are the most important for you.  Car safety features fall into two categories: Active and Passive Safety Features. Active Safety Features offer drivers greater awareness of […]