GVM Upgrade

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When you step into Shift Automotive, you’re entering a workshop where your 4×4’s potential isn’t just met – it’s surpassed. For the adventurers, the heavy lifters and every 4×4 driver in between, getting your vehicle’s Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM) optimised is a game changer. Whether it’s conquering unyielding terrain, enhancing your load-carrying capacity or improving your vehicle’s performance and safety, we’ve got your back.

Different vehicles have different load ratings. A GVM upgrade is a modification that allows a legal increase in the allowable GVM. This means your vehicle can carry a bigger payload than specified by the manufacturer without compromising on handling, performance or safety. It can also improve the towing stability and the ride and handling of your vehicle. The installation of a GVM upgrade varies between each vehicle, that’s why you need experts who understand you and your vehicle.

Before deciding if you need a gross vehicle mass upgrade, you should take into consideration your vehicle’s load rating which can be found in the manual of your specific vehicle. You also need to consider whether the load is placed over the front or rear half of your vehicle and whether you’ll be towing a boat, caravan or trailer to ensure the towing capacity doesn’t exceed manufacturer ratings. Here at Shift Automotive, our experienced mechanics take your car’s performance seriously. We understand the different needs of our clients and have the skills and tools needed to get your vehicle upgraded efficiently.

Our passion for performance ensures we provide professional and reliable GVM upgrades in the Bundaberg area. For all your GVM upgrade needs, trust the experts at Shift Auto. Contact us today to schedule your service or to learn more about how we can keep your vehicle in top condition.

GVM Suspension Upgrade

The heart of the GVM upgrade? It’s in the suspension. A GVM suspension upgrade typically involves replacing the original suspension equipment with more capable equipment that’s specifically designed to carry more weight. When you turn to our expert team, we replace the necessary components to allow your vehicle to carry greater weight without compromising on the vehicle’s handling and safety.

If you’ve got a 4WD, you’re likely going to be loading it up and decking it out with 4×4 accessories. This quickly increases the 4WD’s legal GVM limit which can be dangerous. By increasing the load-carrying capacity of your 4WD, you’ll be able to carry more comfortably and with confidence. Interested in having a GVM upgrade installed? Contact the team at Shift Automotive today to learn more.

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Quality GVM Upgrades in QLD

If you’re asking the question can you get a GVM upgrade in QLD, look no further than Shift Automotive. When you need reliable 4×4 specialists for GVM upgrades in QLD, you can count on our team of expert technicians here in Bundaberg to get you the best results with every installation. Our years of experience and fully equipped workshop guarantee you get professional service with every visit and results that speak for themselves.

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Why Choose Shift Automotive for a GVM Upgrade?

With a GVM upgrade, you can confidently increase the payload of your vehicle and improve its driving dynamics, handling and reliability. Choosing Shift Automotive for your GVM upgrade means you’re opting for a service that prioritises not just your vehicle’s performance and safety, but its legal compliance too. Our highly trained team have the tools and skills needed to unlock your 4×4’s true potential.

As a locally owned and operated business, here at Shift Automotive, we’re dedicated to providing professional car servicing in Bundaberg and the surrounding area. With comprehensive services covering everything from clutch repair to the best possible 4×4 suspension upgrades, you can count on our trained technicians to ensure your car is in optimal driving condition.

There are many great reasons why we should be your go-to for GVM upgrades in Bundaberg:

  • Locally owned and operated workshop
  • Globally qualified and highly trained technicians
  • Modern and fully equipped workshop
  • Fully guaranteed services and repairs
  • Walking distance from Stockland shopping centre

Shift Automotive’s auto technicians are factory-trained and globally qualified, so you know that no matter who works on your vehicle, you’re going to see unbeatable quality.

To book a GVM upgrade with one of our skilled technicians, call Shift Automotive today.

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