General & Pre-Purchase Car Inspection Services

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Car Inspection Services

Want to make sure that a vehicle is in perfect working condition before you buy? Buying a vehicle can be a pretty expensive process, and pre-purchase car inspections are the best way to ensure you are getting exactly what you paid for. At Shift Automotive, our team will check every mechanical part of the vehicle for damage, wear, and overall condition before you buy. We can then provide you with a comprehensive report detailing any issues you may need to address, including internal mechanical faults and external cosmetic issues.

To learn more about what we offer as part of our pre-purchase inspections, and how much it will cost to get a full report on your chosen vehicle, speak with Shift Automotive today.

Whether you’re looking to purchase a vehicle or have your existing car checked out, the team at Shift Automotive can help. We understand the importance of a thorough inspection, and we pride ourselves on our attention to detail.

If you’re buying or selling a secondhand car, a pre-purchase inspection is essential for peace of mind. The Shift Automotive team can give you a complete picture of the vehicle, the state it’s in, and any issues you need to be aware of. This helps ensure your new car is safe, well-priced, and won’t require costly repairs just around the corner.

On the other hand, the longer you’ve had your car, the more likely it is you’ll need a general safety inspection. If your vehicle hasn’t been inspected recently, there’s a good chance there are lurking issues that could be making your vehicle unsafe on the road.

At Shift Automotive, we are the only Bundaberg mechanic with a SafeTStop machine. In addition to your standard vehicle safety check, we can inspect for suspension, brakes and wheel alignment with the latest technology.

If you need reliable car inspections in Bundaberg, Shift Automotive is the name that you can trust. To book your vehicle’s appointment, contact our friendly staff today.


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Suspension Service
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General Inspections

Included in every oil and filter service is a thorough inspection of the vehicle to check any safety items that could become an issue. Highly experienced mechanics and the latest up to date training ensure you are getting the best inspection possible to ensure your safety when travelling in your vehicle.

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Pre Purchase Inspections

We also offer pre purchase inspections. So if you’re looking at buying a vehicle and want it checked over for peace of mind, bring it in to us and we will give you a comprehensive report on the vehicle.

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Why Choose Shift Automotive for Vehicle Inspection Services?

Car inspections are essential to your safety on the road, as well as the health of your vehicle. So when it comes to vehicle inspections, you should work with the trusted local auto mechanics at Shift Automotive.

Here at Shift Automotive, we have years of experience performing reliable vehicle inspections. With modern equipment, we provide a higher level of accuracy and attention to detail, including the only SafeTStop machine in Bundaberg.

There are many great reasons why we should be your go-to for vehicle inspections in Bundaberg:

  • Locally owned and operated workshop
  • Globally qualified and highly trained technicians
  • Modern and fully equipped workshop
  • Fully guaranteed services and repairs
  • Walking distance from Stockland shopping centre


To book a car inspection with one of our skilled auto technicians, call Shift Automotive today.

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Brake Testing

SafeTstop Testing at Shift Automotive

At Shift Automotive, we take safety seriously. That’s why we offer our customers the most advanced brake, alignment and suspension testing on the market today. Using our SafeTstop machine, our mechanics can provide a comprehensive report when you bring your vehicle in for a service or repair.

Research shows that standard testing just isn’t enough. With a SafeTstop test, you’ll get measurable data on your vehicle’s safety, with a detailed report on:

  • Scientific brake testing
  • Wheel alignment testing
  • Suspension testing
  • Vehicle weight
  • Electronic tyre wear check

With SafeTstop testing for cars, 4×4 vehicles, trailers, caravans and performance vehicles, we give you confidence in your vehicle’s safety. In fact, we’re the only auto workshop in Bundaberg with a SafeTstop machine.

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