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Are you 100% confident your vehicle’s brakes are safe? Most mechanics will check or inspect brakes, but without advanced testing, there’s no way to know how they’ll perform in an emergency. If your brakes have hidden issues, it can be dangerous for yourself, your family, and others on the road.  

Traditional brake testing just isn’t enough – Australia’s leading brake safety research shows even serious brake faults go undetected with traditional tests. It’s far too easy for dangerous brakes to appear safe, even during a mechanic’s inspection. 

But don’t worry, we have a solution. Here at Shift Automotive, we are the only workshop in Bundaberg with a SafeTstop machine – the only way to really test how safe your brakes are. 

As car enthusiasts and mechanics, we understand how complex braking systems are, which is why we know that the standard testing other mechanics do isn’t enough. With a SafeTstop test, you’ll get measurable data on your vehicle’s safety, with a detailed report to keep. 

SafeTstop testing includes:

  • Scientific brake testing
  • Wheel alignment testing 
  • Suspension testing
  • Vehicle weight
  • Electronic tyre wear check  

Don’t wait for an accident to pick up braking problems. Book your vehicle for a SafeTStop test at Shift Automotive in Bundaberg.

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What Is SafeTstop?

SafeTstop is an advanced plate brake testing machine used by professional mechanics. Using state-of-the-art technology, the SafeTStop assesses wheel alignment, suspension and tyre wear, along with scientific and accurate brake testing. 

The SafeTstop system uses advanced technology to quickly and accurately test your vehicle. It uses computers and sensors to calculate just how quickly a vehicle can come to a stop, and accurately detect brake alignment problems. 

Here at Shift Automotive, we are the only auto workshop in Bundaberg to offer SafeTstop technology. Using this machine, we can check the weight, brakes, suspension and alignment of a range of vehicles, including:

  • Cars
  • Trailers
  • Caravans
  • 4x4s
  • Performance cars 

As the only mechanics in Bundaberg with a SafeTstop machine, we are uniquely qualified to give you accurate information on your vehicle. Get complete peace of mind about your brakes, wheel alignment and more with a SafeTStop check. 

To find out more about our SafeTStop services, get in touch with our friendly team.

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Why Get a SafeTstop Test?

Do you know you can rely on your brakes’ performance when you need them the most? If your vehicle has never been tested on a SafeTstop machine, it may not respond the way you think it will in an emergency.

Even if your brakes seem fine upon inspection, alignment issues can mean your vehicle won’t brake fast enough to avoid a collision or may cause you to lose control of the car. 

Hidden brake issues are all too common, but the team here at Shift Automotive can help. Our SafeTstop machine generates fast and accurate data to check the safety of your vehicle.

Some great reasons to get a SafeTstop test include:

Emergency Stopping – As a responsible driver, you need to ensure that your car can brake quickly in an emergency without swerving or causing you to lose control. Many factors will affect your ability to make an emergency stop. Thankfully, the SafeTstop system can test all of those factors at once, making it the best way to ensure your brakes are safe. 

Fuel Consumption – Did you know that there’s more than just the speed and distance you travel that affects your fuel consumption? The quality, wear and alignment of your wheels all impact the fuel efficiency of your vehicle. Reducing the tyre drag your car experiences will also improve your fuel economy, saving you money in the long run.   

Vehicle Suspension – Vehicle suspension is essential in providing you with a smooth and safe drive. It also extends the life of your vehicle by reducing excessive wear and tear. As part of the SafeTstop check, we can test your vehicle’s suspension and give a full report on its condition.  

Vehicle Health – Having a SafeTstop machine test your vehicle is a great way to check up on your car’s overall health. You’ll identify issues sooner, avoid problems and spend less on breakdowns and repairs when you run a SafeTstop test. 

Imbalance Detection – A road brake test won’t sufficiently test imbalances in your wheels’ braking. If you have a left-right or front-back brake imbalance, it can cause you to lose control during heavy braking, especially on uneven or wet surfaces. SafeTstop systems test each wheel individually, instantly giving braking diagnostics on each wheel. 

Here at Shift Automotive, we are proud to have the only SafeTstop machine in Bundaberg. We are a family-run business, and family is our number one priority. That’s why we offer SafeTstop vehicle checks, giving local families confidence in their brakes’ performance. 

To book a SafeTstop vehicle inspection, call the team at Shift Automotive today.

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How Is SafeTstop Better Than Traditional Tests? 

The SafeTstop machine eliminates the need for outdated and inaccurate tests, like decelerometer and roller brake testing. In fact, these brake testing methods don’t even correctly meet government roadworthy requirements!  

A University of Adelaide Centre for Automotive Safety Research study has shown even serious brake faults aren’t detected by traditional brake testing, putting drivers and passengers at risk. 

Here’s how SafeTstop testing compares:



Roller Brake Tester

SafeTStop Plate Brake Tester 

Tests according to government standards 




Measures left to right brake imbalance




Measures front to rear imbalance




Measures deceleration




As the only Bundaberg auto workshop with a SafeTstop machine, we are uniquely qualified to provide the most accurate brake testing in Bundaberg.

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Which Vehicles Can the SafeTstop Check?

The range of vehicles a SafeTstop machine can check includes:

Cars – If you’ve had your car’s brakes checked recently, you may be surprised to know that they still may not be safe. Most mechanics will visually inspect brakes or use a roller brake test. But only plate brake testing like SafeTstop provides accurate results on how your vehicle would perform in an emergency.  

Caravans and Trailers – Using the SafeTstop to check caravans and trailers is essential to the driver’s safety. Ensuring the caravan or trailer can stop and handle accurately is essential in stopping the towing car from being pushed into a dangerous position. The SafeTstop can calculate the efficiency of the wheels, making sure it can stop and handle the weight of its load and provides accurate results for each wheel. 

4x4s – When it comes to alignment and suspension, it’s never more important than on a 4×4 vehicle. Proper suspension and wheel alignment can avoid a 4WD getting stuck on a trek or suffering costly damage offroad. Using advanced technology, a SafeTstop system can check and test vehicle suspension and wheel alignment, perfect for your next 4×4 adventure.

Performance Cars – Performance cars require highly detailed reports on handling, weight, suspension, and braking. That’s where the SafeTstop comes in. This machine can get these results accurately, and deliver precise data for each independent wheel. Using the SafeTstop is also the most efficient way to find corner weights for performance cars.

Here at Shift Automotive, we are the only Bundaberg mechanic with our own SafeTstop machine, giving our customers the highest standard of vehicle safety testing.

To book a SafeTstop test for your vehicle, call the friendly team at Shift Automotive today.

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