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If you’re like most car owners, you probably don’t think too much about the importance of logbook servicing. After all, your car seems to be running just fine, so what’s the point? But this kind of thinking leads straight to costly breakdowns and repairs out of the blue.

Regular logbook servicing is actually critical for keeping your car in good condition, preventing expensive problems down the road.

Of course, getting a car logbook service is important for your warranty as well. When you’ve invested money in a new vehicle, preserving your warranty gives you peace of mind. Many car dealers will try to convince you that the regular logbook services your warranty requires must be done at the place of purchase.

The truth is that a quality mechanic like Shift Automotive can conduct these logbook services without voiding your warranty. When you choose Shift Automotive for logbook servicing in Bundaberg, you’ll save yourself the trip back to the dealer – and generally save yourself money as well.

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What is a Logbook Service?

A logbook service is a comprehensive service conducted on your vehicle roughly every 10,000km or every six months. A logbook service is more in-depth than a regular service, covering a full range of maintenance services and safety checks.

Although logbook services are typically more expensive than standard services, they help protect your car’s warranty and catch issues that could affect the life of your car. That’s why it’s important to get these full services conducted twice a year.

Here at Shift Automotive, our team of highly skilled mechanics have years of experience conducting logbook services for a range of different vehicles. We use the latest tools and equipment to conduct a thorough service, ensuring that your car runs smoothly and safely.

To book a logbook service you can rely on, call the team at Shift Automotive today.

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What’s The Importance of Regular Logbook Servicing?

There are many important reasons to have a regular logbook service for your vehicle, including:

Maintaining Your Warranty – If your vehicle isn’t regularly serviced, it can affect your warranty claims. By having a logbook service performed by the team at Shift Automotive, your vehicle will satisfy the warranty requirement to have it professionally serviced regularly. Our team is fully licensed to perform logbook servicing, so you won’t have to worry about voiding your warranty.

Improving Resale Value – When purchasing a secondhand car, you’ll want to know it’s in good condition and worth the price you are paying. A well-documented logbook shows that your vehicle was maintained properly, will last, and is a smart purchase. Getting a six-monthly logbook service now helps you get the most for your vehicle in the future.

Reduce Repair Costs – Frequent logbook servicing will keep your car in better condition. With consistent servicing, you’ll be left dealing with fewer costly repairs. The longer you leave a car issue, the worse it gets and the more expensive it is to replace. By servicing your car regularly, anything that could become an expensive issue in the future is caught early before it worsens.

Faster Servicing and Repairs – By having a regular logbook service for your vehicle, you can ensure that each subsequent mechanic visit is cheaper and faster. Every logbook service that is performed is documented in the logbook. With each service logged, mechanics can learn more about your car and find out about past and existing issues. This allows your mechanic to get to the root of your problem quicker and easier, making your service much faster.

Improve the Life of your Vehicle – The most important benefit of regular logbook servicing is the length of time it adds to the lifespan of your vehicle. Regular logbook servicing ensures that your vehicle gets a detailed inspection to catch problems early, before they spiral out of control. When you keep your car in top condition, it’ll give you more years of reliable performance in return.

Logbook servicing is essential, so don’t leave it any longer – call Shift Automotive to book your car logbook service in Bundaberg.

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What’s Involved in a Logbook Service at Shift Automotive?

Our logbook services at Shift Automotive are extensive and comprehensive. We cover a variety of checks and adjustments so you can have complete peace of mind when you drive your car out of the shop.

Just some of the things included in our logbook service include:

  • Topping up all fluids
  • Changing your oil and inserting a new oil filter
  • Checking and adjusting your tyre pressure
  • Testing your battery level and alternator
  • Cleaning and adjusting brakes
  • Testing all interior and exterior lights
  • Checking suspension
  • Inspecting steering

What makes our logbook service different is the experience and expertise of our manufacturer-trained technician team. We understand your vehicle inside and out, so you know that your car is in the very best hands.

At Shift Automotive, we have the skills and experience to conduct a logbook service that will help preserve your new car warranty and extend the life of your car. We use quality parts and follow all the requirements set out by the manufacturer, so you can be confident that your car’s logbook service has been conducted properly.

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What’s the Difference Between a Logbook Service and a Basic Service?

A basic service is less comprehensive than a logbook service. A basic service will usually check and top up all your fluids and change your oil and oil filter, but doesn’t get into the detailed workings of your car.

While a standard service is important, it doesn’t replace a regularly scheduled logbook service. In comparison, a logbook service is a thorough service required to maintain your car’s warranty.

Logbook services should be performed regularly for a range of reasons. Not only does it help maintain your vehicle in top condition, it’s also critical to make sure your car is safe and sound on the road. The information stored in your logbook also makes a drastic difference to the resale value of your car.

To learn more about our logbook services, call us today at Shift Automotive.

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Logbook Servicing FAQs

What is a Vehicle Logbook?

A vehicle logbook is a record of all the scheduled maintenance that has been carried out on a car. The logbook is usually given to the owner when they purchase the car, and it is their responsibility to ensure that all services are up to date.

The logbook contains information on what needs to be done at each service and any repairs or replacements that may be required. It is important to keep your logbook up to date, as it can affect your car’s resale value and any warranty claims.

How Much Does Logbook Servicing Cost?

Being more comprehensive than a standard service, you can expect to pay a few hundred dollars for a logbook service. However, the exact price will depend on your unique vehicle.

Some of the things that affect the cost of a logbook service include:

  • How long it’s been since your last service
  • The mileage of your car
  • The make and model of your car
  • The condition your car is in
  • The mechanic you choose

As car enthusiasts ourselves, we know what it’s like to be blindsided by an expensive logbook service cost. That’s why we are proud to offer logbook services in Bundaberg that are comprehensive and affordable.

At Shift Automotive, we combine affordable prices with high-quality work that’s impossible to find anywhere else. To book a logbook service today, contact the team at Shift Automotive.

How Long Does Logbook Servicing Take?

A logbook service can take up to four hours, depending on the condition and model of your car. Here at Shift Automotive, we understand that not everyone has the luxury to be waiting around for their car to be serviced.

Our experienced team has developed logbook servicing processes that allow us to work quickly and efficiently, so you can get back on the road sooner without sacrificing thoroughness. Our workshop is also located within walking distance of Stockland Shopping Centre, making it more convenient to have your vehicle serviced at Shift Automotive.

Is a Logbook Service Worth It?

Yes, a logbook service is definitely worth it! A regular logbook service from the team at Shift Automotive can save you thousands of dollars in costly repairs and will keep you safer on the road for longer.

Not only are our logbook services fast and affordable, but it will keep your warranty intact, boost the resale value of your car, and keep your vehicle in top condition. For more information about our logbook servicing, contact the team at Shift Automotive today.

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How Often Does My Car Need Logbook Servicing?

The general rule of thumb is that your car should have a logbook service performed by a licensed mechanic every six months or every 10,000km. However, every vehicle is different, so it’s best to consult your car’s manual or speak to a mechanic.

Here at Shift Automotive, we can help you organise a logbook service schedule that keeps your car in peak condition. We will sit down and discuss your driving habits and have a look at your car, giving you a better idea of how often you need a logbook service.

If you’re not sure if you need a logbook service, give Shift Automotive a call – one of our friendly team would be happy to help.

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Will I Void My Car’s Warranty if it’s Serviced at Shift Automotive?

No, you will not void your vehicle’s warranty if it is serviced at Shift Automotive.

Our team of licensed mechanics are trained to service all makes and models in accordance with the logbook specifications. Your car will be serviced to the correct standards without breaching your manufacturer’s warranty.

We understand the importance of keeping your car under warranty. It can affect the resale value of your car and makes a huge difference if you’re ever in an accident. That’s why we take pride in providing licensed logbook servicing in Bundaberg.

If you have any questions or want to book your car for a logbook service, get in touch with the team at Shift Automotive.

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SafeTStop Testing at Shift Automotive

At Shift Automotive, we take safety seriously. That is why we currently provide the most advanced brake, alignment, and suspension testing available on the market today. When you bring your car in for a logbook service, our experts may provide a complete report using our SafeTstop machine.

Studies show that undergoing standard safety tests isn’t enough. With a SafeTstop test, you’ll be able to get accurate data on your vehicle’s safety, as well as a detailed report on:

  • Scientific brake testing
  • Wheel alignment testing
  • Suspension testing
  • Vehicle weight
  • Electronic tyre wear check

At Shift Automotive, we offer SafeTstop tests for a variety of vehicles, from cars to 4x4s to trailers and caravans. It’s just one of the ways we go above and beyond to keep local families safe on the road. In fact, we’re the only auto workshop in Bundaberg with SafeTstop technology.

Ask us about adding a SafeTStop brake test to your logbook service when booking.

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Why Choose Shift Automotive for Logbook Servicing in Bundaberg?

When you choose Shift Automotive for your logbook service in Bundaberg, you’re benefitting from a team of technicians with qualifications recognised globally. Our manufacturer-trained technicians confidently work with all makes and models of vehicle, so you can rest easy knowing you’ll always get a top quality logbook service.

We take pride in providing a clean, safe and professional workshop for our team and clients. We provide ongoing training for our technicians, so we are never surprised by what rolls into the shop.

We are so confident in our team that all of our services are covered by a complete customer satisfaction guarantee. For the very best in logbook servicing in Bundaberg, choose the team at Shift Automotive.

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