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Gearing up for your next big 4×4 adventure? Maybe you and the convoy have just come down from your latest trip, and you want to make some performance upgrades before next time. If you need quality 4×4 accessories in Bundaberg, then Shift Automotive has you covered.

Here at Shift Automotive, we are the leading name in 4WD modifications in Bundaberg. Unlike some automotive companies, we don’t peddle products that we don’t believe in. As 4×4 drivers ourselves, we only promote, sell and install 4×4 accessories and parts that we personally recommend and use ourselves.

Finding reliable 4×4 specialists isn’t easy, especially here in Bundaberg. More and more workshops are offering 4WD performance upgrades, but that doesn’t mean they’re always installed safely and correctly. If you want your 4×4 accessories installed by a team who really knows how to use them, Shift Automotive is only a call away.

Chatting to anyone on our team, you’ll see that we have the knowledge to get 4×4 modifications right. We know your vehicle is important to you, so we never risk causing damage with a dodgy aftermarket installation. We never compromise, ensuring all our clients get the best quality 4×4 accessories in Bundaberg and the best results.

At Shift Automotive, our expert team can perform the modifications your vehicle needs, so you can get the best performance and reliability off-road. We are so confident in our 4WD modifications that we fully guarantee all of our services and repairs.

For all your 4×4 accessories and 4×4 aftermarket installations in Bundaberg, call the team at Shift Automotive today.


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Lift Kits & Suspension

Tough Dog Authorised Dealer. Expert advice and installs ensure you get the best performance from your vehicle.

With an improved ride over OEM suspension, Tough Dog Suspension also raises the profile of your vehicle for greater ground clearance and also provides greater loaded control.

We offer high lift options from other suppliers such as Bilstein and outback armour. With Aftermarket Control arm to suit high lifts on the IFS vehicles we see we can correct Alignment issues caused by higher vehicle profiles.

A suspension lift kit raises a 4×4 vehicle’s profile, lifting the vehicle’s underside away from the ground below. This allows the vehicle to cover more uneven terrain without risking damage to the undercarriage. If done too excessively, however, it can mean drastically reduced control at the wheel.

Our technicians can work with you to determine an optimal ride height for your vehicle, giving you a balance between control on the road and range off the road. We can also fit a range of 4×4-tailored suspension products from major supplier Tough Dog.

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Performance Exhaust Upgrades

Here at Shift Automotive, we offer a full range of 3-inch performance exhausts to suit your 4×4s. We can supply and fit a system to suit your needs. Free flowing with loud and quiet systems.

We have King Brown systems available in stainless steel made by Pacemaker. We also have Aluminised steel and mild steel systems from X-Force and Zetti 4×4.

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Clutch Upgrades

4×4 driving requires a high performance clutch system to manage the high rate of gear changes involved in navigating rough terrain, especially in heavier vehicles. We’re able to fit a wide range of clutch kits specially designed for 4×4 vehicles, and offer the sort of expert advice expected from trained manufacturer technicians.

Upgraded Clutches from NPC offer greater clamping force for vehicles making more power than factory. Vehicles often need clutches upgraded after modifications such as remapping are carried out.

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Tow Bars / Towing / Weigh Bridge

We offer a comprehensive repair service here at Shift Automotive, including but not limited to:


  • Caravans (In house weighbridge)
  • Trailers (In house weighbridge)
  • Tow Bars / Towballs



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Cold Air Intakes

Cold air intake works on the principle that colder and therefore denser air can be pushed into the engine faster than warmer air. This results in the engine making more rapid compressions, as the mixture of air and fuel pumped into the engine can be delivered faster.

There are many ways to ensure the air going into the engine is cooler, such as minimising air resistance and turbulence leading to the intake, shortening the length of the intake, or utilising a ram-air effect with a scoop.

We can discuss with you the optimal cold air intake solution for your vehicle, and fit parts from trusted suppliers including K&N, Aeroflow, Gates, VCM Performance, Process West and many others.

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The purpose of the snorkel is to bring air into the engine, completing the fuel combustion cycle. To fit a snorkel you need to disconnect the vehicles air intake system, therfore the engine will get air through the snorkel.

Once this step is complete, the air will run through the snorkel into the engine instad of through the original air intake. This will improve your engine efficency by drawing in cleaner, cooler and uncontaminated air due to its elevated position.

With our plastic and stainless steel options you can enjoy increased air intake efficiency and improved engine performance. Our technicians are always available to provide you with quality service, so trust us for all your snorkel installation needs!

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The airbox houses the engine air filter which removes particles from your intake air, which could cause problems inside the engine such as dust, dirt, mud, bugs and other harmful particles.

Shift Automotive is the best place to get your airbox installation done quickly and efficiently. Our experienced technicians are always up-to-date with the latest technology, offering top-notch service. We specialize in customizing airboxes to fit any engine type, so no matter how unique your needs may be, we’ll help you get the best setup possible. Let us help you upgrade your vehicle and make sure it runs at its peak performance!

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Rockslider’s are metal bars that are attacked to the underbody and sides of your ute or 4wd to protect it from any potential hazards the road has to offer. If you go off-road often, you are aware of the rough terrain, branches, stumps and many other hazards that can pose a threat to your vehichle

Installing a Rockslider from Shift Automotives is a simple and affordable way to protect your vehicle from off-road hazards. Each Rockslider is custom made to fit your specific make and model, ensuring the highest level of protection possible with minimal installation time.

They are constructed with heavy-duty steel tubing, providing superior strength and durability while still maintaining a low-profile look that integrates seamlessly into your vehicle’s existing design. The Rocksliders also have built-in step notches which make entering and exiting your vehicle a breeze even in extreme terrain. From beginning to end, you can be sure that Shift Automotive’s rocksliders will make sure your ride remains protected through any off-road adventure.

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Why Choose Shift Automotive for 4×4 Modifications?

If you need 4×4 aftermarket installations in Bundaberg, then Shift Automotive is the only name you need to know! There are many great reasons why we should be your go-to Bundaberg 4WD specialist:

  • Locally owned and operated workshop
  • Globally qualified and highly trained technicians
  • Modern and fully equipped workshop
  • Fully guaranteed services and repairs
  • Walking distance from Stockland shopping centre

If you’re gearing up for your next off-road trip, get the 4×4 modifications you need at Shift Automotive. Call us today to find out how we can maximise your vehicle’s performance.

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Brake Testing

SafeTstop Testing at Shift Automotive

At Shift Automotive, we take safety seriously. That’s why we offer our customers the most advanced brake, alignment and suspension testing on the market today. Using our SafeTstop machine, our mechanics can provide a comprehensive report when you bring your vehicle in for a service or repair.

Research shows that standard testing just isn’t enough. With a SafeTstop test, you’ll get measurable data on your vehicle’s safety, with a detailed report on:

  • Scientific brake testing
  • Wheel alignment testing
  • Suspension testing
  • Vehicle weight
  • Electronic tyre wear check

With SafeTstop testing for cars, 4×4 vehicles, trailers, caravans and performance vehicles, we give you confidence in your vehicle’s safety. In fact, we’re the only auto workshop in Bundaberg with a SafeTstop machine.

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