4×4 servicing

4×4 Lift Kits & Suspension Upgrades

Tough Dog Authorised Dealer. Expert advice and installs ensure you get the best performance from your vehicle.

With an improved ride over OEM suspension, Tough Dog Suspension also raises the profile of your vehicle for greater ground clearance and also provides greater loaded control.

We offer high lift options from other suppliers such as Bilstein and outback armour. With Aftermarket Control arm to suit high lifts on the IFS vehicles we see we can correct Alignment issues cause by higher vehicle profiles.

Suspension lift kit raises a 4×4 vehicle’s profile, lifting the vehicle’s underside away from the ground below. This allows the vehicle to cover more uneven terrain without risking damage to the undercarriage. If done too excessively, however, it can mean drastically reduced control at the wheel.

Our technicians can work with you to determine an optimal ride height for your vehicle, giving you a balance between control on the road and range off the road. We can also fit a range of 4×4-tailored suspension products from major supplier Tough Dog.

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Performance Exhaust Upgrades

Here at SHIFT we offer a full range of 3 inch performance exhausts to suit your 4×4’s. We can supply and fit a system to suit your needs. Free flowing with loud and quiet systems.

We have King Brown systems available in stainless steel made by pacemaker . We also have Aluminised steel and mild steel sytems from X-Force and Zetti 4×4.

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iDrive is a throttle control module that eliminates lag between the press of the accelerator and the actual acceleration of the engine. Unlike other systems that require manual tweaking, iDrive automatically adjusts the throttle lag based on pedal pressure, from maximum fuel efficiency for city driving to maximum responsiveness for recreational driving.

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CLUTCH Upgrades

4×4 driving requires a high performance clutch system to manage the high rate of gear changes involved in navigating rough terrain, especially in heavier vehicles. We’re able to fit a wide range of clutch kits specially designed for 4×4 vehicles, and offer the sort of expert advice expected from trained manufacturer technicians.

Upgraded Clutches from NPC offer greater clamping force for vehicles making more power than factory. Vehicles often need clutches upgraded after modifications such as remapping are carried out.

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Dyno Tuning

Dyno tuning involves placing your 4×4 on a dynamometer, or rolling road, and creating a detailed engine profile based on its performance.

Once we have your engine profile, our expert technicians can remap your ECU (Engine Control Unit) for improved performance and fuel efficiency. It’s one of the best non-intrusive, non-destructive methods for performance upgrades.

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As the 4×4 experts, Shift Automotive offers a comprehensive performance upgrade service, including but not limited to:

  • Oil Catch Can Kits
  • Secondary Fuel Filter Kits
  • Intercooler Upgrades
  • Hard Piping Kits
  • Specialists in Common Rail Diesel Diagnostics

Our team of technicians specialises in the tuning and maintenance of common-rail diesel engines, optimising the fuel your engine takes in to maximise the power produced.

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