High Performance Upgrade

Suspension Lowering

If your vehicle is still on its manufacturer-standard suspension and never ventures away from the blacktop, chances are you could benefit from a modified suspension. This would lower your car's centre of gravity, meaning greater control at the steering wheel.

We're able to conduct modifications to your current suspension to simply lower your ride height, but truly performance minded drivers would opt for a sports suspension kit with firmer springs to minimise body roll, or a coil over unit that allows further fine tuning of your car's ride height or profile. We stock a wide range of performance suspension parts from top quality suppliers, including KYB, Bilstein, King Springs, XYZ Coil-Overs and Nolathane.

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Headers, Turbo back,Twin Systems and single systems to suit most late model vehicles. Available in mild steel and stainless steel. Unleash the performancve and sound of a quality bolt on system from Brands like Pacemaker, X-force, Hurricane, zetti and redback.

Fitting an aftermarket muffler or extractor in place of your original exhaust can improve air flow through your engine, not just improving your engine's performance but also providing a stronger engine note.

If you're interested in an aftermarket exhaust, contact us today.

Cold Air Intake

Cold air intake works on the principle that colder and therefore denser air can be pushed into the engine faster than warmer air. This results in the engine making more rapid compressions, as the mixture of air and fuel pumped into the engine can be delivered faster. 

There are many ways to ensure the air going into the engine is cooler, such as minimising air resistance and turbulence leading to the intake, shortening the length of the intake, or utilizing a ram-air effect with a scoop. 

We can discuss with you the optimal cold air intake solution for your vehicle, and fit parts from trusted suppliers including K&N, Aeroflow, Gates, VCM Performance, Process West and many others. Contact us today to find out more.

Intercoolers & Turbochargers

A turbocharger redirects a portion of your car's exhaust back into a specially designed inductor, forcing more air into your engine's compression chamber. An intercooler follows the same principles, cooling and therefore lowering the air's density, allowing your engine to take more air in. Both of these allow your engine to perform at a level far beyond that of which it's normally capable, generating more power.

We stock a wide range of intercoolers and turbochargers from brands like Garret, VCM Performance, Process West, Harrop and others. Contact us if you'd like to know more about intercoolers or turbochargers.

Camshaft Upgrades

A camshaft is a long shaft that runs the length of your engine, with lobes of metal that operate valves of your engine when the shaft is turned. The lobes on a camshaft are specially aligned to operate in time with compressions of your engine, opening to release burnt fuel or draw in clean fuel. 

Our team of specially trained technicians can adjust the camshaft to fine tune the expulsion and intake of fuel, optimising the performance of your engine. We can also fit new camshafts from our wide range of performance parts suppliers, including VCM Performance.

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